After birth, we are all hurled
into an ever changing world.
We live our lives, we learn to love
We are granted dreams from above.

But as we grow, we learn to see
That we are living in reality.
With talent squandered, dreams forgotten
The world seems a scary place.

For people don’t always learn to fly
They lose their dreams and let them die.
Their favourite things, what they do best
Are lost, unattended and laid to rest.

From this we can all learn to keep
Our aspirations within sight & not buried deep.
Our fiercest love and great desires
Are in our souls as inner fires.

If you love music, learn to play
Or, if it’s art, draw and be gay.
You must work to make your dreams come true,
Not lose the spark & make the mark that’ll make you!

No matter how old or young you are,
It’s never ‘too late’ to start.
For the world will look so much more  bright,
If the reality becomes as good as it is in your eyes!

By :-

Khushboo Arora (The Invictus Soul)

2 thoughts on “DREAMS

  1. A very informative poem about gaining an insight into reality, the importance of pursuing dreams and staying positive, bringing out the passion from within into our lives, and really glowing as a human.

    “You must work to make your dreams come true,
    Not lose the spark & make the mark that’ll make you!”

    Neat wordplay and in essence this is the message of the poem right here.

    We are born, nurtured and then faced with the daunting task of fitting in to the often frightening and unstable world, but when we find the skill that defines us and what we stand for, this is when the fear goes away. Thanks again Khush for sharing your creativity 🙂


    1. Thanks for the feedback Rich. Your response always adds to the beauty of my poetry coz I rarely write it. No thievery in these lines this time 😉 So, thanks and I’ll be looking forward to your next post!

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