Office and me – 2

Read the part 1 here. I have stopped random rants in my blog for a stupid rule that I set. 



I work with a bunch of retards. Not all but some. I can’t help saying this. Being Indian is one of the worst things to happen in life. Nothing to do with the country as such, but then the culture has allowed kids to put pressure on parents to take care of them throughout and then later on parents expecting the same. Cow dung, that’s the reason why every parent in India wants to make their super-kid a Doctor and Engineer. They don’t want to be in shit towards their old age. How can anyone say a singer will make it big or not? An Engineer with his business admin skill can be a glorified clerk and draw unrealistic graphs for his company. I don’t have an MBA but count me in. Who cares how your kid is doing? Is he happy or not? Fuck all of those shit and count on the money. That’s how it works in my place (some typical cases excluded)

I see the lads working here. They are treated like bitch, really. They are shouted upon, bullied upon and then made helpless… by the people around me. I have to write this cos I feel so bad for them. I wonder why they don’t leave. You want to probably know why they stay back, right? The reason is they have to provide for their family, earn for their daughter’s dowry and what not. They will take whatever comes, may it be racial slurs, abuses or whatever. I feel sad, no one deserves to be treated like this.

Clearly the top management is doing fuck all. I would have strangled myself to death, had I been in their place. Right away, I don’t want such a life. Working for some retards to make their pockets fat. In return they make you bend over and have a go. Who says world is a good place? Not my world. It’s depressing…every single day. 

But then I too have my huge liabilities… Why lord? Why?

We have like certain species of top-dogs here,

Mr X – Who has nothing to do at home, and he comes at 5 in the morning to work and leaves at 8 pm. Later on tells that I have been working hard for the company. Sure bro, I believe you. I am seeing your hard work… seriously.

Mr Y – Who thinks he is the king of the place, and shouts and swears at people. Hail the mighty king.

Mr Z – Who is good at squeezing the blood out of his poor subordinates. Literally squeezing even the last drop so that he gets his productivity levels to the norms and gets a raise by the end. Sir, you are fucking great. Your humanitarian values have blown my mind. 

Mr M – Who has posted his subordinates at different places and he sits far away and says he leads them all. He has his name on the board for the job done by his subordinates. Indirectly present for every job and directly for the appreciation. What a black magician (like Ronaldinho)!!! 

Now I have deal with these people, but I don’t belong to any of their dept. I am a separate entity. Some might say, this is how world works. But all I say is show some courtesy my dear firm. They are labors and they are working hard physically and mentally for you. 

On that sad bombshell, Good night!!! 


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