Office and me #3 – Celebrating New Year!

Hey folks,

Another festive season is here. Kind of calm days at office, peaceful. I like that.

I live in a country where I am sponsored by the organization I work for. It’s same for all the employees in my office and same throughout the country. Apart from the natives, everyone else needs a sponsor. He, who sponsors a person is responsible for him and whatever he does in the country.

Today is 31-Dec-2015, a day that calls for celebration. I am sitting with my project manager at my office. No, I’m sadly working today. He was busy asking people on the best alcohol that’s in the market to get drunk and lie semi-naked on the beach. We were busy discussing and his phone rings….

It’s the General Manager of the our company.

‘Hello Sir. Good Morning!.’

‘Good Morning. You know today is 31-Dec?’

‘Yes, I do.’ smiling a bit

‘You know people are going to celebrate.’

‘Yes, I do know that as well.’ smiling again

‘I guess you will also celebrate?’

‘I will also be celebrate today. Who wouldn’t?’ smiles all over

At this point he thinks our GM is going to call him over and offer him some gift or call him over for a couple of drinks. But his happiness is short lived.

‘Any dumbwit who drinks and creates any problem in public, I’m going to sack them. They will directly go to police station and I’ll make sure they go to the airport from there. Make sure you pass the message to all your subordinates. I do not want any such instance.’ and he hangs up.

*face palm by our PM*

Corporate people will always be corporate people…. hell yeah!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!!



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