Welcome to Human Embodiment and the co-authors page.

I’m honoured to co-author and share this blog with two very talented writers – Khushboo Arora of The Invictus Soul and Leroy Milton of


Khushboo is from Panipat City in India. Her interests are sports, music, reading and politics. She is a true dreamer who wants to better the world through her passion for writing. In her own words concerning happiness:

“We all want to better and we want to change something about ourselves but the big problem is ‘Where do we begin?’ External happiness can only be achieved when we’re happy from within. And so I picked up blogging as a means to share my own thoughts and what I discover about life and its ways too. The Invictus Soul is all about making ourselves unconquerable. Because we’re all Breathing but not everyone is Living!”

Themes range from discrimination to relationships, philosophy, poetry and quotes. Khushboo is an enthusiastic and soulful individual with a great amount of self-belief and determination. Check out her inspiring blog and give your support.


Leroy has the dreams of the world on his shoulders. Currently completing a criminology degree at university, he has many different aspirations, including opening our minds to new ideas, impacting and influencing others in a positive way and seeing the effect pass from person to person:

“A friend told me that you are made up of the four people that are closest to you and the last three books you’ve read. I’d have to agree with that. I like to keep my circle tight and that being said, the influential people in my life, know who they are.”

Emotions, formulating life, how to’s, lessons, struggling days and the pillars of life are examples of the categories on offer on Leroy’s blog. His comedic, personal and clever style shines through in his writing and his videos.


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